Social responsibility

Aclaris—supporting the development of new solutions in dermatology


At Aclaris, our commitment to dermatology practitioners and their patients is unwavering.

As a testament to our passion for progress in this field, Aclaris is a founding partner of Advancing Innovation in Dermatology, a non-profit organization created to catalyze the development of new therapies that can significantly improve skin health.

Advancing Innovation in Dermatology has created an ecosystem to nurture relationships and share knowledge and resources among individuals and organizations with a common interest in developing and bringing to market new dermatologic solutions. For additional information, please visit Advancing Innovation in Dermatology, the Advancing Innovation in Dermatology Accelerator Fund, and the Dermatology Summit and Dermatology Innovation Forum conferences.

In addition, Aclaris also supports more than 30 continuing medical education conferences in the specialty of dermatology each year, including the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Community support—fostering the scientific minds of tomorrow

Today, we believe in building strong communities within the dermatologic profession. And that starts with cultivating the scientific minds of tomorrow.

In 2018, Aclaris entered into a partnership with Harris-Stowe State University through which both organizations committed to bridging the gap associated with underprivileged, under-represented minorities groups for science, technology, engineering, and medical (STEM) jobs in St Louis. We share an interest in making a difference, one student at a time.

We believe there are very talented people from underprivileged backgrounds who have not had the experiences necessary to be adequately prepared to enter the STEM workforce or graduate/professional studies, even after successfully completing undergraduate degree programs. Many are members of minority groups and have not had role models or experiences to show them how to prepare for a STEM career.

This partnership between Aclaris and Harris-Stowe State University will address gaps in workforce development. Aclaris and its subsidiary, Confluence Discovery Technology, will provide hands-on relevant experience, internships, and potential employment opportunities. Harris-Stowe State University will provide an enhanced curriculum for students majoring in biology or chemistry.

Aclaris plans to provide paid summer internships for up to two high potential students per year. Harris-Stowe State University students, who complete two summer internships with Aclaris and successfully complete their education at Harris-Stowe State University with a degree in biology or chemistry under the enhanced curriculum guidelines, will be considered for full-time employment as associate scientists.