Clinical Trials

Aclaris is committed to addressing the needs of patients with immuno-inflammatory diseases who lack satisfactory treatment options. To learn more about our current clinical trials for our drug candidates, please visit:

Expanded Access

Aclaris Therapeutics is committed to the discovery and development of medicines that will benefit people living with immuno-inflammatory diseases and cancer. Our investigational drugs are currently at a stage in development where we are focused on conducting clinical trials and continuing to learn more about their safety and efficacy.

At this time, our investigational drugs are only available for use in clinical trials and we are not accepting expanded access requests. We recognize the need for expanded access programs and will re-evaluate this policy when we have adequate data on efficacy, safety and dosing for patients with serious and life-threatening conditions who are not adequately treated with currently approved medicines and for whom there is no appropriate clinical study options. We may revise this policy at any time.

We encourage patients who are not adequately treated with currently approved medicines to consider if a clinical research study may be right for them. Information about our clinical trials is available at